Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Coming out of hibernation....

Sadly, the picture pretty much says it all :) ...I am the bear, that cave is our house (hey, even the bear loves it's dark, cold home!) and the sun is finally shining and warming my environs enough that I am able to not be bundled up, head to tips of my toes, and sit in front of my pc, actually using the keyboard for longer then several minutes before my little nubs freeze up!! So, HELLO OUT THERE!!

I'm getting together a couple of posts to sum up the last six months (holy crap, now looking at that in writing I cannot seriously believe it has been that long since I was able to post!!) of life here at the Maison M-J....and yes, we are still alive and kicking. A little plumper with a layer gained for insulation--unlike the bear we put it on during the winter for survival, not before!--but happy to be revving up for life that is about to take a turn into high gear, with temperatures slowly mounting and glorious sun shining.

And, for those of you harassing me about the status of the house/grange/renovations...yes, there is a post aaaaall about that, with pictures (calm yourselves people, I am only one little, plump human!) and my usual rude observations...hey, this is my blog!

I've missed putting all of life's little, fun, French happenings down in the blog and getting the fun feedback of all the weird people actually interested in our little project ;)'ll be happy to hear that my shutter finger still managed to function whilst encased in mittens, gloves & anything else I could find to warm my hands, so I'm trying to figure out a way to post all the fab pictures I have of the last six months--suggestions welcome.

Glad to be back.....if anyone is still out there... after tiring of coming here and always seeing that drat cat Josie again and again and again, I have trouble believing someone still remembers 'ol French Fatum....send me a howdoyoudo!!

L the polar bear :o)