Thursday, August 14, 2008

Gone to see the Queen....

Ok, maybe Buckingham doesn't know who I am and isn't letting me in...BUT, I am a Queen (of M-J land) so I will have to let that carry me!...and yes, this is a round-a-bout way of saying I am in London for the week!

Mamma has taken a small vacation to the land of scones & cider (yum!) and is catching up with friends, seeing a baby born since my trip last year--whose cheeks I am dying to pinch!...and immersing myself in a little Anglo culture and bad weather--what does one wear for rain, rain, thunder & rain, and more rain?

T is working from home this week and re-bonding with his little 'girl', reveling in la maison and the tranquility it has to offer from his usual hectic travel schedule. Lest any of you think me cruel, let it be noted I left him well stocked on meal ideas, list of snacks and a fridge full of supplies! (& if he is a good boy, there may be stale Krispy Kreme doughnuts in his future--and he is doing a happy dance at that news, of this I can assure you!)

Meanwhile, I will have to add some pics here upon my return (Gaaasp, what? a post with no photos? I knooooow!), but it's gray, windy & rainy and I don't think anyone really wants to see pictures of my window shopping exploits....but oh what fun. I love to watch people here, eavesdrop on conversations at the table next to me...sip a cool cider, OR our new favourite beverage for summer--Pimms--hard to explain, but let me just say...I'll have another!

It's hard to believe there's such a different world just across the channel, it amazes me every time I return, and so fun to visit. But it also serves as a reminder at why we love living in France, because there you can live it's so...bustling? I'll ponder a better one...but it's late, I'm on the hotel's free pc (loving that!) and I'm dreaming of sleep in my comfy bed with no bugs buzzing me awake sporadically through the night...ahhh....vacation!!

So, I'll be back to posting the French Vie this weekend...until then....Cheerio! (& no, no one but the old folks says that anymore, but I was a kid who watched Benny Hill!--google it, 80's British humour at it's best!)

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scargosun said...

Oh! I LOVE Pimms! You know we had it at our wedding. It was a special add on to the bar.

I didn't know you were over there by the way. You could have looked up my sister.