Monday, July 28, 2008

La Sarthe Settings

Not much to say on this one, again I can only let the pictures speak for themselves.... I could not throw in a comment or two!!...I may on occasion in life have called myself...errr...ahem...anal-retentive...but, let it be known that I consider this a positive!! It calls order into my life, in certain areas, whilst others are left to their chaos.

As my earlier post this month may have subtly indicated (did I also mention subtlety is
not one of my strong points?) there isn't much order going on here at La Maison M-J, and so I am left to search out that organization in other aspects of life. Our evening walks provide just this.
The landscape everywhere here in the Sarthe (our region of residence--many of you may relate this geographically to another french region...Normandy...that most people have heard of...lesson of the day complete!) satisfies my appreciation of symmetry. Even an act as simple as getting on your knees can change an entire perspective, as the 2000+ pictures on my camera can attest to! The lines where colours meet change at every corner, and as the summer passes, at every agricultural development. The rolling hills here are gentle, with flat spaces intermingled to just further our sense of 'ahhhh'....we just love it, one of the many reasons we fell for this little known area--known in France as the most forested section of the country.
And so, we take advantage of the long summer evenings to explore the many footpaths the commune has installed through the farms, forests and land. Freya now asks for these walks, literally fussing at the door if the hour gets too late, reminding us...helloooo....there are miles of mole hills to be dug before she sleeps...miles of mole hills before she sleeps....(did Robert Frost have a dog?).

20 minute jaunts turn into 2-hr walks and we are oblivious to all but the fantastic panoramas and discoveries these walks bring us. On yesterday's walk we saw an owl & a deer (both within inches), the treasure in T's hand, and several abandoned farm houses...this morning as the sun rose and we drove to the train station...a fox in the middle of a cornfield...I just cease to be amazed at the sheer nearness of so many amazing features of life here...and wish more people could experience what nature intended....come visit!!

So, now I shall weave my way through the many bugs that apparently think nature created the Imac light screen to call them inside the house, (screens people, sustenance of bug-free life!...I know not this luxury....akkkkk) and head to bed, blissful...QUIET bed.....appreciated always after our Paris pause this past weekend.


scargosun said...

Your posts and your pictures sometimes allow my mind to be completely at rest. It is wonderful.

scargosun said...

I think I need to see those 21st b day's been awhile...