Friday, November 7, 2008

Welcome to the family!

Well, it's official, Josie's 'period d'essaie' (trial period) is over, the girl is in!!

Ok, like she wasn't already a certified member of the family, she had us at meow on that dark country road! But today, she earned her keep and will be added to the family insurance policy--yes, in fact, this is actual fact--she gets her own medical coverage and insurance policy!!

I walked out this afternoon, and there, laid on the terrace, with pitiful eyes open to heaven, was her first kill--a little mouse. Our mouser is on the j-o-b!! Now, before everyone gets all teary eyed, I am an animal lover of the ridiculous degree, but here 'dans la campagne' (in the country) tolerance, at the level of little creatures we cohabitate with, must be established. And so, if Josie does her job as efficiently as she pole dances (see action shots present), the end is achieved swiftly and little mousy heaven came quickly!

I was a little worried at first that she may just become a comfort cat, based on how much she enjoys cuddling with Freya in her bed (my favourite is the paw on Freya whilst sleeping), and with us in ours (in the morning only), her gourmet food/cat milk tendencies, but she has shown her true colours (and wow has she really turned into a beautiful feline!) and now escapes to the grange (barn) for hours on end, expands her zone of exploration daily--wearing a halter of course--coming in to use her new restroom (closed and with her own private door I might add!) and nourish herself for more exploits. However, let me be clear, when the rainstorms pour down, that delicate creature doesn't leave the warm comforts of home...can't imagine who she got that from---FREYA!

It amazes me how fast she's grown, seems just yesterday she was a tiny ball of grey mewing fuzz, now she's become a sleek, loving & lithe tigress, albeit one that still looks to her big dog-sister for nap time cuddles and first thing in the morning romps & licks! The two of them and their antics have us in absolute stitches and are great company for me when T is on his work travels. I still miss my Big D immensely, it will never be the same, but the new laughter and love make the wound not so tender.....

So, until further updates....feast your eyes on our beloved, beautiful growing Josephine!
p.s. Do note the crazy curly-Q tail she runs around with, sometimes earning her the nickname Josie-Q....but when she's scared, boy does it go straight one ever said the M-J's had run of the mill pets, that is for sure!!


Anonymous said...

I can't get over how much she has grown! And it looks like they have worked out the sleep positions to everyone's satisfaction! They're so cute!

Mom J

sheila said...

How sweet! And you mean to tell me you can add pets on insurance policies? How cool is that? What does it cover them for?

L.R. M-J said...

One can get health insurance for your pet and depending on what level you decide (Freya got the full package and it has paid for itself ten fold!) it covers emergencies, annual visits, and a large number of other things, even sometimes accidental death (this I cannot even think about!). After the freedom of living with Freya here in France I don't think I'd do well in the U.S.!

scargosun said...

How did I miss this post! She is cuter every time I see a new pic. She looks like she has gotten lighter. Is that just the lighting?
You canget pet insurance here in the US. We have it for G-dog but we need to up it.

Amy Plumb (Amy Huntington) said...

She is darling...and hurrah for the first mouse! I wish I wasn't allergic. I would love to have someone to cuddle up to Ella. Maybe then she wouldn't try to sleep on our bed every night.

Congratulations on your (official) new family member!

The Antiques Diva™ said...

Congratulations on your new baby!!!! I so want a kitten!

By the way, the health insurance for pets is a riot! I didn't realize they had that in France. When we lived in Holland we had personal liability insurance (so that if I ran into a car while bicylcing and made the car run into a canal that I personally wasn't liable, but the insurance would still pay the damages!).

Hope you're well!! By the way, did you know we moved to Berlin last month!? I fear, I haven't yet gotten around to sending "the we've moved email".

Much Love,

Jasmin said...

So cute pictures of two of them sleeping in peace:)