Tuesday, September 9, 2008


I would like to thank all of you wholeheartedly for your thoughts, prayers and words in the last week, it's really meant a lot to the whole M-J family.

Life, especially a happy, adventurous one like ours, forces one to slowly focus again on the here & now....not that Delfia isn't around every corner and I still hear a flutter and tinkle now and again...our psyches are deeply formed no?....but the sun shines and we continue on our journey.

So, Freya & I look on to new horizons here at la Maison M-J and rejoice in the new fact that T will no longer be traveling all week to Denmark--woopee!

I have a couple of entries patiently waiting, and will do my best to get those out in the coming days. Our life is never dull, and our 'staycation' proved to be excellent in many ways of which I'm dying to share....so stay tuned.


scargosun said...

So glad you are doing better. I am looking forward to hearing about your staycation. Many people did that here this year too. There was even a wine commercial about it.

Amy Plumb (Amy Huntington) said...

Nice pedicure. And I'm glad to hear that the wounds are healing. I had a rat named Vivienne who I had to have put to sleep because of breast cancer. I cried for two days afterwards. The size of the pet doesn't always measure up to their size in our hearts. At least you will have your man around more regularly. I'm sure he doesn't flutter and twinkle, but hopefully his continued presence will help!