Thursday, September 11, 2008

Thursday smile :o)

Now normally I'm not one to pose pictures, I like capturing life in it's natural entirety to be enjoyed on film, digital format, instant, whatever....however, we couldn't resist this one.

Last week, while up in Paris we had our friends Gabbi & Eric over for dinner at the studio, and they happened to be doing an emergency dog sitting for baby Lola--a beautiful, spunky French Bulldog....who almost became the fourth new member of the M-J family (though her owner may have been against that!).

We happily included her in the invitation, and Freya become idolized for the evening--Lola followed her everywhere, asked constantly to play, laid in her bed, took her toys--but then reciprocated when Freya became enamored of her oinking pig (we have to get one of those--err, the plastified version, not the real one!)...their rompings had us laughing full belly laughs, but what reduced four grown adults to giggling fits and hysteria....was.....taking an innocent, passed out from exhaustion puppy (in Freya's bed), and starting off with just the smallest of chuckles and mischievously doing this:

Well, that just got us started and we concluded our juvenile behaviour, appreciated by all present with this winner:The moment escalated to sheer hysteria when Lola momentarily became conscious, lured by the sweet smell of beer and this just put us over the edge....(and just in case you don't see what all the humour is about...please note the non-moving body position, but half opened eyes and pink tongue surreptitiously snaking down into the neck of the bottle!)They say laughter is the best medicine and does a body good....well, we were extra medicated and I can say our bodies 'have been done good'!

Lola was none the wiser, and we returned her to her blissful puppy sleep, proof provided for your approval right.

And if you're not smiling now....well, I have nothing more... ;)

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scargosun said...

Ohhhhh! My throat hurts with high pitched sweetie noises. Too...much...adorableness...Freya...puppy...must look away.