Saturday, September 13, 2008

Foire du Mans

Friday night lights France was a bit like being in what I imagine mid-west country life in the U.S. to be...minus the good wine (Stacey & Wyatt, you don't count as you brought all your wine from France!)!

We arrived at the 'Centre des Expositions' (=U.S. Fairgrounds/halls), parked in a grass parking lot and followed a stream of people around the fence of the Le Mans 24hr Racetrack (a whoooole different story!) to the main entrance of the exposition grounds. Along the way a couple stopped us, and with a smile handed us a free entry ticket (5.50E), we thanked them profusely (quelle gentillesse! what kindness!) and then commented on how that would never have happened in Paris (in Paris they would ask you for 5E--I mean, You are getting a .50 discount so hey, everyone wins...pffft).

We started our tour visiting the outdoor leisure section (read: campers, rvs & tent-camper-trailer things) and shaking our heads as we made the comparison to the luxury campers one can find in the U.S.--the French would die if they had any idea the sheer craziness Americans can pack in a mobile home--but fun nonetheless for us. After that we made an attempt at viewing all the home stuff--roofing, tools, porches, stoves, you name it, but came to the joint conclusion that there is plenty of choice in all of the above and that we must continue on our current track of #1- finding the architect. This path will lead us to everything else...this is the beginning of all plans....this one person holds the key to all that will be our home....(chime in heavenly music)...wherefore art thou 'o great one? No pressure, nope, not feeling an ounce of pressure....oops, I digress.

So instead, T had a beer, we scoped dinner (usual french fair fare--andouillette sausages--blech!--other various grilled weiners, several 'restaurants' set up--one should always have the option of dining in a civilized fashion with wine served while seated--the melted raclette & ham sandwich (Papa & Dad-J will both recall these!) lured T in and I followed suit to the giant pan next door, some sort of sauteed chicken in a delicious saucy concoction served on a baguette.

Our hunger satiated we continued on to the gourmet hall (not impressed after years attending the Salon des Saveurs--I'm a spoiled foodie, what can I say) where I did get some saucisse photos for you fans, and we garnered the all important information of....some good local restaurants. See the sign in the photo--now that is a local association I am happy to join. We quickly passed to the 'Innovation Hall'--read magic mops, slicer-dicer doodads, magic burning candle, hair houdinis, you get the idea. People watching entertains us to no end, but what gets us every time is, yep, you guessed it...the animals :o)

And so it is that there aren't really that many pictures of all the other stuff, we took it in, picked up brochures, strolled hand in hand and just enjoyed a warm Friday night in Le Mans. But the chicken exhibit kept us a captive audience, and I have a sneaking suspicion that the reason T pretended to hug me as we headed out was because he was checking my pockets for baby chicks!! (You'll note in my photo I got the one black chick in the group--and they say there's one in every family! ...oh wait that's sheep....) ***and no comments from you cheeky readers about what I ate for dinner, it's just not the same.

All in all, a great night out and Saturday was a day for Freya....going to doggy school/club! Stay tuned.....I promise to get to the Staycation pics/details, but I keep getting distracted by today.Could these little newby-hatched chickies BE any cuter? They were all soooo tired after all that pecking to get out....we went home as tired as them.

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scargosun said...

I think you guys need to take on some chicks. You have to have a hen house or whatever on your spread. :)