Saturday, March 15, 2008

The colour BLUE.....

I'm not sure why the colour blue seems to have such negative conotations....when the sky is blue it's always a good start to the has always been one of my favourite colours, yellow is the other tied for first, with hot pink waxing and waning through the in the tropics, though the water isn't that startling blue as in other locations, there are other areas it's presence makes a jolly appearance.

Take for instance my 'island blue' beverage I had during a refreshment pause...right off the bat, it arrives at the table and reaction is 'oooo prrreeetty drink' (beginning of the uplifting)....then I sip the beverage and 'mmmmm' is all that escapes my lips. Perfect blend of tart, sweet, fruity...hey, a lot like me! Haaaaaaaaaaaa....hey, this is my blog I am allowed a certain level of self-entertainment ;o)

The beach chaises here all continue the theme in their royal tone, so even as the occasional grey clouds roll by, providing at times welcome relief from the sun that may be attempting it's sneaky infiltration of my 45spf sun creme, the blue chairs remind us of what is peeking just behind the clouds. I leave you today with our chairs of was rough laying there, composing my next posting, ah well, all in a day's work......So take this moment to savour my blue and I hope it perks up your day! Gros bisous, St. Lucia style......a demain!

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