Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Sunsets here in St. Lucia cross an amazing spectrum of reds, oranges, yellows, blues...never the same one twice. Every evening when they arrive there is a small twinge of sadness that another spectacular day of stress-free life and fancy-free fun has ended. But that is merely fleeting as you sit back and hope for the green flash as the sun sinks just beyond the horizon.

I am always impressed by nature's ability to select from her palette another array of colours equally spectacular as the day before. After seeing so many amazing art exhibitions in Paris over the time we've lived there, I remember thinking once, how truly limitless is the creative possibilities of artists? When will all the ideas of subjects, combinations of colours and images be used up? Well, if the well of creativity for man is as deep as that of nature, which we are ultimately a part of--though for how long, only global warming will tell!--then I for one will continue to revel in the talents of those artists and nature for as long as I can take them in.

In the meantime, here in St. Lucia, sunsets signify the coming of a wonderful night's sleep (as much as I miss my Freya, currently enjoying her fab ski holiday with Gabbi, Eric & buds Uston/Utopia--see photo on left, so kindly sent to us by G!)--I am taking full advantage of sleeping through the night for once! Talk about opposite holidays....does this have something to do with why people say they want to come back in their next life as our pet? ha ha ha.

And so, as always, I shall leave you on a note of cheer and happiness....as in Cheers!! to another successful day in paradise...tonight we toast you with a chocolate shake (their island produced chocolate shakes put Haagen Daaz to shame, out of this world!) & some coconut based tropical beverage (I'm making my way through the beverage menu with Maryam, we shall do our rating....ok, well never, but fun trying!)...in any case, always refreshing to bid adieu to the beacon of light with a fun drink!

Bon soir and good night!

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scargosun said...

Totally not ignoring your lovely posts from the islands. I haven't commented recently b/c I have tuned an odd shade of green. Seems to have come about when sis left for Anguilla and you left for St. Lucia. Hmmm.....