Thursday, March 13, 2008

Welcome to paradise.

As is the usual M-J custom, we hit the ground running....and I do mean that is the usual french departure fashion, we arrived late in Martinique, with minutes to spare before we had to go through immigration, pick up our bag, exit the arrival area, re-check in our back and get tickets for the 15 minute flight to St. Lucia, go through security and immigration again, yes, nothing is ever logical or efficient...siiigh.....the 28oC temperatures eased the rushing (that's 82oF for you non-metric folks) we walked across the tarmac to our plane.

Up in the air we soared, and had all of 5-7 minutes to view our arrival island before we began
the descent:
A quick de-plane, 15 minute taxi ride later and we were in our little corner of paradise for the next week.
To ease your acclimation to warmth and wonder, a cooling beverage is always the the room keys were readied for us and the shuttle called, T & I choked down (ha ha) the proferred beverages.

We arrived at the villa, and after hugs were exchanged settled in...a lovely welcome message was laid out on our bed (though apparently spelling is not their strong suit!) we then gathered to view what are absolutely magnificent sunsets here. At last, a deep breath, and final exhalation of any remaining stress from the journey and life at home.

Time to kick back and do NOTHING!! Ok, that's not completely true, strategy was planned for the morning to grab the best seats on the beach...the benefits of jet-lag in this direction are that we beat the masses to the beach, waking up at the ungodly (at least in this family!) hour of 6:30am, means after coffee and breakfast and ample slathering of 45spf lotion, we are still on the beach by 8:30!....truth be told, this wears off half way through the week when our bodies regain their more civil sleep schedule...tsk tsk.

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