Wednesday, February 13, 2008

How do you celebrate?

....and let me show you how I celebrated (Stacey & Wyatt, you would be proud :) ....and to my cuz Eric, you know, sometimes The Man just supplies the right stuff) after leaving the Notaire's meeting I walked out into the brisk evening, down a couple of blocks, rounded the corner....and Kool & The Gang said "Celebrate good times! Come on!"....
Up I strode to the counter and in my not yet jubilant voice (this is still just starting to sink in folks) ordered not just a steaming Caramel Macchiato (in honour of my beloved, who was unable to attend this momentous meeting of pen to paper due to work commitments that had him flying from Stockholm to Copenhagen at that very moment)...

but also.....yes, I live on the wild side folks....

a Caramel Macchiato AND a piece of raspberry swirl cheescake. Quelle horreur the francophiles out there that I respond only with "mrrmph donrr careff"...that's me saying I don't care with a mouthful of delicious--hit the post-signing my sanity away spot!!

There will be plenty of time for those delectable French treats to celebrate a future filled with country the meantime I was happy to watch the buzz of people coming and going in the Starbucks. But let us return to our regularly scheduled program:

Yes. It. Is. So.

Ok, so not completely done, T still has to sign his blank on the last page this weekend, and the owner's wife will sign next week when she is back in town, but for all intents and purposes, c'est fait! (it's done)! We are committed (after 7 day reflection period--uh, yes, I shall be reflecting upon the gazillion plans I have to make now in our renovation designs) to now follow through on the purchase, and most important, the current owners cannot entertain any other offers or back out for any reason, we however have several suspensive clauses, the only one that would be cause for any discussion is the one where farmer Jean-Pierre decides to invoke his preemptive right to purchase the aforementioned parcel of land sometime in the next two months. Let's not even begin to discuss the ramifications that decision would bring the poor man. "Hell hath no fury like a L-woman scorned from her land"...or something along those lines!

The next couple months will see dossiers filled out, proof of various things, corrections-- is it really so hard to put to CC's together in a name and not add an A? Apparently so, as my last name continues to vex those poor frenchies when it comes to official documentation. And, yes, for the 100th time I had to endure the attempt at an explanation of why I must be referred to as Mme J in the Compromis contract (17pgs) instead of my legal name of Mme M...blah blah blah...but it is 'understood' that I remain Mme M. And that even though many French women today are keeping their maiden name, general documentation follows old (read dead) protocol, but not to worry, in a court of law (illogical french law) it would be clear....and this from a younger guy!....I just kept repeating in my head "don't roll your eyes L, don't mock the man in front of another, he is your friend"...ah, digression strikes again.

Step one is done. And on we go. We make another visit this weekend to the Notaire for T's signature and to drop off copies of documents then on to the house for another tour of the property and closer examination of the house and grange...take some measurements, a ton more pictures....and a hell of a lot more dreaming!!

I leave you now, not with another boooooring picture of la belle Tour (blasphemy!) but what I took in during my evening walk from the Notaire's to my celebratory beverage. The ending of another beautiful, sunny day in Paris....and for those of you out there who know our history, the 13th once again brings good into our lives!!

Ok....and because I just wouldn't be me if I didn't include what my bus ride zoomed by and I viewed with a huge sigh.... on the way home....

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