Tuesday, February 19, 2008

T's HOT n fiery thoughts....

Another visit this past weekend continues to reinforce the karmic zen we feel when we are there.

Freya gave me a full belly laugh when she had a prolonged, what we call 'terrorier', goofy spell terrier style, running figure eights around the yard and diving into the ivy below the big tree out front--looking at us with sheer glee in her eyes.

I continued to do layout plans in my head as we diligently made measurements of the downstairs layout to see what shall be our future living configurations--BIG kitchen is what I mainly see, although, let's be clear and point out that that is in comparison to our current kitchen status. Nonetheless it perveys a feeling of joy in me. Here is the current rustic setup of the kitchen--though it does have a dishwasher, the same cannot be said of many an apartment in Paris. This is what will become part of our downstairs laundry/bathroom, with the kitchen moved to the other side of the wall into what is currently the living room. But those details have only begun their festering in my mind, until we meet with the architect to see what is actually feasible, physically and financially, I just keep the fountain of ideas flowing.

And now we arrive at T and his joys. Exhibit 1: --->

Visions of weiner and marshmallow roasts dance in his head! Or perhaps those juvenile pyromaniac tendencies (I'm joking here folks, he was not a pyro as a child) imagine him building a roaring skyscraper fire in the monstrous original fireplace--as compared to the small spark there now ;)

Let us move along to Exhibit 2:
What is this leafy covered brick roofed object?? La Matta look out!!...T has his very own pizza/bread oven! Happy happy joy joy is what the M-J family says to this added home bonus. He is even talking big about using veggies from the 'potager' he will grow....I'm not going to hold my breath on that one, but then again, the country air has already done crazy, crazy things to us!!

It was a balmy 1 degree Celsius when we visited, but sunny with nary a cloud in the sky--needless to say, our Norwegian sweaters that come out from the back of the very top shelf, maybe once a year, here in Paris...well, they will be earning a place of honour in the hall closet! It's cold, but so niiiiiice to walk into a warm, crackling fire, with the occasional blast of cold air from letting Freya in and out as she flip flops between where the action is...outside in her personal flowing creek chasing whozits & whatzits that float by--->

or inside with boring old us blah blah blahing away and not playing. I'll let you guess which one won out :)

So we are one step closer as now T has signed the compromis, all that remains is for the proprietaire's (owner) wife to sign this week. Then we are all sort of committed until all the rest of the administrative processes go through.....putting the date of closing somewhere in mid-April to mid-May. There are still problems that could arise, but I am forcing myself to take the optimistic approach vs. my usual pessimistic view (France has taught me this, I like to think it isn't my general nature!), and to think of what May will bring.....flowers, flowers and MORE flowers....wooopeeee. And just to tease the masses, a small peek at what Spring holds chez future M-J!


scargosun said...

Aw. Seeing that kitchen brings back fond memories of our visit. :) I am drooling at the sights of your new abode and the thoughts of your own pizza oven...amazing!

T.W. M-J said...

What about the Norwegian waffles over the open fire on the griddle we buy at the brocante?!?

Not too sure about the veggie pizza either, but I feel confident tempting any potential visitors with the pizza 'feu au bois' when they come to visit!

Creating In Paris said...

all you need is a bearskin rug in front of that fireplace !

xo franca