Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Love La France Profonde a new destiny! La France profonde...or the country as some might say beckons us now. We are seduced by thoughts of quiet, romps in green, nights by a warm fire and toast spread with homemade jam from our own fruit trees...Freya dreams of millions of mole hills all belonging to her...and Delfia ponders his later years in a warm windowsill with nothing but green views and waving flowers.....and so it is, our latest journey is an attempt at this....

so follow along and entertain yourself...if you'd like, as we wade through the trials and tribulations of home ownership...or more to the point, the in France, and our search for our latest destiny. I'll post some more pictures of the house and it's environs to satiate those of you lusting for that french country seduction (oh wait, that's me that's doing the comment on you dirty minded people out there-->you know who you are!) any case it will save my e-mail limits from mailing them to everyone! we'll document this fun affair over the next couple of months and hopefully onward...But be warned, there may be the nasties from time to time as we face challenges, this is an L-blog, free association of thoughts baby! But then isn't that why we love life here....NEVER A DULL MOMENT!...touché à beintôt.

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