Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Things to do in the country....TX style!

Willie Nelson has a new album out....'wooahhh there little cowgirl'....some of you may be thinking, you're still legally resident in the big city and already thinking like a country girl! Yeeehaaa....

nah, I've always been a closet country fan, meaning my Nelson, Parton & Morgan tendencies only come out from time to time, but even in my music cassette collection from youth you'll find good 'ol cuhntree music!! back to my point....'ol Willie has a new album out and there's a song on it called 'You Don't Think I'm Funny Anymore'...they apparently made a video for it (celebrity spotting possible!) and I watched it this morning, chuckling to myself there's a fun activity we could bring to the French they don't have THAT kind of racing in Le Mans (for those of you not familiar, we will be residing 20km from the famous Le Mans racetrack with the 24hr Le Mans car race), to my TX friends/readers, doesn't this just make you proud? hee the way, I happen to look good in pink, what do you think?? see for yourself, head to Luck, TX and Willie's video---> (hint: pause the clip for a minute or two then hit play, lets it charge up a bit so it plays smoothly!)--original long version available on YouTube, it's actually pretty funny.

and for me in the pink, here's me and my girl at Montmartre on Sunday


T. W. M-J said...

I am not sure everyone is going to appreciate the joke given that you have not posted a photo of the lawn mower that comes with the house yet! And I for one think you look bea-u-ti-ful in pink!


scargosun said...

This is frightening b/c P says that to me when he is getting on my nerves with jokes I have heard a million times before. Made me feel sad. :(

The pink outfit perked up my spirits though.