Sunday, February 10, 2008


So, a conversation with Monsieur C today to confirm in spoken words that we WANT that house and will sign the 'compromis de vente' as soon as the Notaire (someone who couldn't make it through law school so dropped out to be an important official government paper pusher--ok, maybe I'm being a little harsh, he's actually a nice guy and I should note the official who shall welcome T & I into the French murky waters of home/land ownership...tra la la...) places that beautiful piece of parchment before us....digressing again...we had a brief scare last night when I hopped on the sellers website and saw he had put the house back up again--did he doubt our sincerity??...I mean come on, it would not have been appropriate for us to do the happy dancey jig thing we did, in front of him, but the four e-mails, two conversations AND the fact we called the official paper pusher guy first thing Monday morning might have been a clue we were on the road to buying the house!....

so, re-focusing....after our conversation this morning--did I mention we had to set an alarm.....on a SATURDAY.. to call Mr. C? We all know that anything before 10am on a Saturday is just not civil in the M-J household, so to get up and have to have intelligible foreign conversation...oh did I mention no cup 'o joe yet?....was well, quite an effort on our parts...Freya in fact promptly placed her derrière on the sofa and went back to sleep as the first ray of noon sun had not yet hit her 'I'm awake' spot on the couch.....ok, back to the conversation....we all left it with warm fuzzies agreeing to meet up some time this week when the Notaire informs us the almighty blessed parchment commiting us to nothing for ten days--reflection time obligatory by law--is ready, but allowing us a breath of relief knowing no one else can have our house :)

Of course, my warm fuzzies turned to a swarm of crazy I have a million things to do bees and I promptly got my camera, over the shoulder bag, walking shoes and headed out to: --->

The Salon de Salle de Bain...or the Bathroom Show conveniently taking place this weekend, where I entertained myself with the creative artsy things they would like us to shower with...including one shower where you had a ceiling of water and walls of water coming at you from all sides...I'm thinking that would be more like drowning? Nonetheless, left with these handy mags pictured, and a few million other brochures. Plus some great ideas....Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!
If anyone out there is planning to open any type of commercial venture and need a little boy's room, how about take on a urinal?
Our little house is exactly that, little, but it shall be a cozy home with lots of BIG space outside! As my mind wandered a bit in the din of bathroom fodder I began to have visions of grandeur dancing in my's this for a little guest bath? I mean, I know I'm the Queen of T's World, but would he go for Cleopatra? ha ha.... but I have a large task ahead of me....after all, as much as I love peach--and that would only be to eat--I have to take this--->

and turn it into something out of the pages of my newly acquired C&B magazines, right?...alors...the true work begins.

Now, lest any of you out there are currently thinking, poor T being dragged around a Bathroom show....worry not, he and Freya hopped in the car with the bike in the trunk and spent today's gloriously sunny day bonding in the woods, making up for all the Mama time she's had to endure whilst T was in Sweden all week.

It's late and I have to go dream about recycling water from my showers....the delectable tiles I so gently caressed in the tile booth until the guy trying really hard not to work on a Saturday had to come over and hand me a brochure just so I would stop fondling his 'carrelage' (tile) Bon Soir...and I leave you with this image I took last week as I took the long walk home, savouring those parts of Paris that I shall miss so very much...


Franca said...

Bravo ! It's about time you started a blog; only sorry that I will be losing my neighbour but I can't wait to visit your charmante maison.

scargosun said...

Those urinals (ok urinals in general) freak me out.