Monday, February 25, 2008


As I'm now living on two sides of a coin, let's choose the 2€ one as it has the largest surface area :)

T mentioned after reading my last posting that I sounded sad...and I admit I am, a bit, we are after all leaving almost a decade of experiences behind here in Paris; good ones, bad ones, amazing ones, down right scary ones according to some (any of you recall that motto of mine--Freaks of the world unite and find L--?? I'm hoping they get lost in the country!). But that is not to say I'm not ready for new ones, it's why we are so excited about this house, the land, the surrounding 'departement' of the Sarthe, all the discoveries waiting for us there. I have been, and always will be a sentimentalist--a song, a smell, a picture--all bring an onslaught of memories flooding back to me. But if you don't take risks and forge new paths you take the chance that your memories become clouded and dull, and it is that freshness of brand new experiences that bring freshness to all aspects of your life.

So, in the spirit of a happier tone (you are never to be rid of the Eiffel Towers, sorry folks!) let me share the 'peace' we were able to capture this past weekend. We had our first unofficial, official visitors to the house on Saturday! As I mentioned in my last post, my Aunt L & cousin M were here for the school holiday from Norway, and they begged and pleaded to see the place--I swear we had no influence over them ;) ....and quite honestly, we are happy for any excuse to place our feet on what is hopefully to be ours. The owner and his family were there squeezing the last of their own memories out of it, but are most welcoming to our intrusion....

We popped briefly in the house and then spent the majority of the time walking the grounds and laughing as Freya began her redecorating early...see video-->
videoAs usual the sun was out and it was far warmer than our previous visit. Here is a view from the far side of the pony field, as I call it (this is the fenced off land with a small pony barn on it to the side of the house/yard) where one can take a walking path through the trees and around our pond. If you look through the trees you can just see the house. The pond is fed with fresh water and has its own supply of trout & carp. T has already made fun of me because I said 'Ooo goody I can get my childhood fishing tackle out!'...of course he's not thinking of the delicious grilled trout with a lemon, butter sauce we could have on a warm summer day he will learn!

Freya of course followed us along, and took her first taste of what will be her biggest water bowl ever--all that digging makes a little girl thirsty! Her review was 'Tastalicious' as the drink was a long, deep one! See evidence of lip licking going on...

For our friends reading along in Japan (Hi Elaine! Coucou Noriko!) you'll notice the bamboo behind T in the photo, we'll be thinking of you as we keep that under control--the current owner informed us it can go bamboo crazy with no supervision.

Tiny bits of Spring are beginning to sprout up as the temperatures creep up...daffodils are out in full force here in Paris...but were only beginning their tentative entry in the country....I include the next photo for another blog reader & ooooold friend--Jen, a little daffodil thought of you when I took this!

I shall conclude today's posting with what I originally set out to share with you....peace. Just as I was struck by the Parisian freedoms I shall be leaving while out the other day, on this day I was ever so gently tapped on the shoulder by nature and pointed out the beautiful peace and quiet I shall soon be surrounded by. Words cannot justly describe it, and so, just for you, I include a small video and audio of life, standing at the bank of our creek, burbling water and blue sky.....turn up the volume, it's worth it! :o) (This joy of peace was even more appreciated as the sounds of an electrical saw shattered Sunday morning sleep yesterday....) Happy Monday Everyone!!


Anonymous said...

I don't think that that little ClustrMap is working properly. I keep logging in -- not to see pictures or Terry -- but to see the little red dot for Toronto get a little BIGGER !!


scargosun said...

Hmmm...I have to disagree with T. I thought you sounded sentimental...looking at Paris with they eyes of a person who has lived the life there and loved to share it with others. Thanks for the daff! It looked so pretty! I am still in awe of the land there in your soon to be new home. So beautiful!

scargosun said...

Just watched the little clip of Freya. You might have a truffle hunter right under your nose!